Red Free Range Broiler

Red Free Range Broiler

For years, the Cornish Cross broiler dominated the meat market because of its dependability in feed conversion rates and its quick rate of gain, making it great for large and small poultry producers.  Where it lacked was flexibility in its living environment, and its lazy tendencies.  The Red Free Range Broiler makes up for what the Cornish Cross Broiler lacks, and has many desired features such as free ranging.

The Red Free Range Broiler is a wonderful forager and can have a very efficient feed conversion rate because of its expertise in foraging.  This makes them great for free range or pasture raised operations.  They are resilient birds that can be raised in almost any environment, but prefer to be running around yards and pastures finding their own food.  The Red Free Range Broiler has been bred to do this and the parents are just as tough as their offspring.

These free range birds do not finish off as quickly as the Cornish Cross Broiler.  The Red Free Range Broiler takes about 12 weeks to reach maturity.  The window for processing the birds is much bigger than its Cornish counterpart.  The Red Free Ranger is a very energetic bird that somewhat resembles a Rhode Island Red.  This allows the Red Free Range Broiler to remain healthier for a longer period of time after they reach maturity.

Their breast meat is comparable to the leg meat of the Cornis Cross.  The breast meat is longer, more firm, and has dark meat qualities making the meat taste better and more desired with consumers.  The quality in the meat itself makes it worth raising the Red Free Range Broiler.  The males will reach six to seven pounds at ten weeks and the females reach five to six pounds at ten weeks.  Their dressed weight averages 70% of the live weight.  This bird has yellow legs, yellow skin, and red plumage with dark brown or black feather tips at the end of their wings and tail feathers.

The Red Free Ranger Broilers were developed by the French Broiler Industry.  They are increasing in popularity across America because of their wonderful qualities.  The breed is so dependable, and with all of the wonderful qualities is possesses.  They are a great alternative meat bird to add to your flock or farm.

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