We only offer an assortment of Hatchery Choice Geese for sale. This assortment may include White Chinese, African, Toulouse, or White Embden.  We unfortunately do not offer specific breed requests.   This is a great deal if you want some beautiful waterfowl at a great price.   When ordering an assortment from The Chick Hatchery, the best part is trying to identify what breeds you received.

Minimum 1 Goose

We ship as few as 3 total Poultry

Orders of 3 -14 Birds incur a $25.00 Small Order Handling Fee.


Orders of 3-14 Birds – $15.00

Orders of 15-24 Birds – $25.00

Orders of 25-49 Birds – $30.00

Orders of 50-99 Birds – $35.00

Orders of 100-149 Birds – $45.00

Orders of 150-199 Birds – $60.00

Orders of 200 +  Birds – $80.00

Live Arrival Guaranteed!