Japanese Bantams

Japanese Bantams come in many different colors.  Black, Black Tailed Buff, Black Tail White, Gray, Mottled, White.  We also offer a Japanese Bantams Assortment if you want a varity of this breed.  Japanese Bantams have an upright appearance and carry their tails up higher than their head.  They have a bright red, single comb, along with red wattles, earlobes, and a red patch around the eyes.  Hens lay small, cream/tan eggs, and rarely go broody.

Minimum 3 Chicks

Chickens, Bantams, Guinea Keets, Turkeys & Waterfowl can be mixed & matched.

Orders of 3 -14 Birds incur a $25.00 Small Order Handling Fee.


Orders of 3-14 Birds – $15.00

Orders of 15-24 Birds – $25.00

Orders of 25-49 Birds – $30.00

Orders of 50-99 Birds – $35.00

Orders of 100-149 Birds – $45.00

Orders of 150-199 Birds – $60.00

Orders of 200 +  Birds – $80.00

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