Hatchery Guarantees

Live Arrival Guarantee:  We offer a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee on all poultry from The Chick Hatchery.  We guarantee that when your shipment arrives you will receive a full count of live, healthy poultry that you ordered and paid for.  Poultry are shipped USPS Priority Mail on the day of hatch.  We put a lot of care in making sure that your order is filled correctly and that it is prepared for shipment according to the weather.  Poultry Breeds and sexes will be mixed to ensure that your chicks arrive to you in optimum condition.  Generally, we try to add extra chicks of the same breed/sex ordered when available to help fulfill this guarantee so be sure to count your live chicks when they arrive.  We do NOT guarantee that every order will receive extra chicks.  The Chick Hatchery does not guarantee mortalities or morbidities after a safe and timely delivery on the day of arrival. We are unable to refund or replace any poultry after it has arrived safe and in a timely manner.  Be prepared and educated on raising baby poultry before your order arrives.

You MUST pick up your chicks at the post office upon arrival.  Our guarantee is void if your order of chicks is delivered to your physical shipping address. You should use a heat lamp that can maintain a temperature of at least 100 degrees for the first 48 hours.  Shipped Chicks really need a heat lamp so we do not recommend using heat plates for the first week.

We recommend you open your shipping box as soon as you receive it and inspect your poultry.  If there is a loss during shipping, we must be notified within 24hours from the time the shipment was received.  If you receive less live chicks than you paid for, we will either replace the poultry or issue a refund of the chick purchase price of any shipment or part thereof which is missing or were dead on arrival.  Loss after arrival must be reported within 24 hours.  Re-shipments are subject to availability and minimum shipping requirements.  We will only reship Total Loss replacement chicks once.  Generally, if your loss is only a couple of chicks, we will issue a refund.  Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds and will NOT include shipping or vaccination service costs.  We are unable to refund or replace poultry once they arrive safe and in a timely manner.  Our replacement or refund policy is only for unsafe or unusually long shipping risks that the USPS causes and must be reported immediately.  Buying live poultry has potential risks of successfully raising them and the buyer understands these risks.  Sometimes things go wrong with no real reason that can be determined even when care instructions are followed.  We assume no liability of the continuing health of the poultry and/or the health of the humans and/or other poultry and/or other animals that may come in contact with poultry produced by the hatchery.   We assume no liability of your poultry once they arrive safe and in a timely manner.  

When reporting a loss, please provide a Total Chick Count including any extra chicks that were included, a Live Count & a Loss Count by Breed/Sex.  Pictures of dead chicks are required to receive a refund.   Report A Loss

Quality Guarantee:  Our hatchery guarantees you will receive the correct breed of poultry you ordered and paid for.  All poultry offered by The Chick Hatchery are guaranteed to be the breed standard, variety, grade and quality as represented.  We do not guarantee any poultry to be of show quality although you may receive poultry that could possibly be shown.  We follow approved methods of flock control and egg selection and have established sanitary and disease control standards in our operation.  Our breeder flocks are large, therefore it is not likely to receive related poultry.  We cannot guarantee poultry to be free from any disease that could not be discovered when hatched.  Marek’s vaccinations are available for purchase as a precautionary measure and we will not be held responsible if your chicks test positive after the 24 hour Guarantee period.

Pullet Sexing Guarantee:  We offer a 90% Pullet (Female) Sexing Guarantee of poultry ordered from The Chick Hatchery.  For errors resulting greater than guaranteed, we will refund the difference between the female and male price.  Sexing errors can be reported when birds reach 10 weeks of age and no later than 12 weeks after the hatch date.  Photos are required as proof when reporting a sexing error.  Straight Run chicks means chicks were not sexed and there is no sexing guarantee.  We do not offer sexing on all of the breeds we sell, for these breeds it is either too hard on them or because the professional sexers’ accuracy is not good enough and would cause customer dissatisfaction.  At no time will The Chick Hatchery credit an amount exceeding the original purchase price.

Started Pullet Guarantee:  Started Pullets are shipped USPS Priority Mail Express the day they are shipped.  We do not guarantee overnight delivery but do guarantee live arrival within 2 days.  We guarantee that you will receive a full count of live, healthy started pullets.  We package our pullets so that they arrive alive, happy, and healthy.  However, if a loss should occur during shipping and you receive fewer live pullets than you ordered and paid for, we will issue a refund for the cost of the bird.  We can not reship.  We do not refund the cost of shipping and handling as these are considered services, not products.  If a loss occurs, it must be reported to The Chick Hatchery within 24 hours of arrival.  We require photo documentation to be emailed to us as proof of any started pullet that does not arrive alive.  We do not extend any further policies on quality or livability.  At no time will The Chick Hatchery credit amount exceed the purchase price of the bird.

Hatching Egg Guarantee:  Hatching eggs are collected and shipped by USPS Priority Mail. Hatching egg orders are typically delivered to the address on your order within 7 days.  The Chick Hatchery guarantees the eggs to be fertile, true to breed variety and to arrive in good condition.  We do not guarantee hatchability due to conditions beyond our control.  We will only cover breakage from shipping and must be reported upon arrival.  Eggs can be shipped year-round, but please use your own discretion when ordering during extreme weather.

All Chicks from The Chick Hatchery LLC are hatched from NPIP Certified Flocks and carry minimum classifications of Avian Influenza Clean as well as Pullorum Typhoid Clean to improve the industry.  You can always depend on high quality, healthy chicks from The Chick Hatchery!