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Black Star Started Pullets are one of our most popular breeds and are one of the top sellers in the industry because of the number of eggs they lay and their demeanor.  They are known for their fast body development, fast egg production, and rich brown eggshell color, quality, and texture.  Black Stars are docile birds and extremely easy to work with.  This strain will start to lay eggs at a younger age than most standard breeds and produce large to extra-large brown eggs.  They are also known as Black Sex Links. The hen at adult size weighs 5-6 pounds.  We raise these pullets in a stress-free environment where they are able to forage for bugs and green grass.  These girls make an excellent addition to any backyard flock.  Their beaks are not trimmed to make foraging easier. We are proud to offer 15 – 20 week-old Started Pullets all year long.  These Pullets have been vaccinated for Marek’s disease and are fed Non-GMO starter/grower crumbles.  We suggest you continue with this feed until they begin to lay at around 16 – 18 weeks.    We hand-select each bird and make sure they are in their best condition prior to being boxed. Started pullets are shipped via Priority Mail via USPS. You can expect your Started Pullets to arrive in 1-3 days, most birds arrive in 1-2 days.

Pullets are $32.00 Each



Shipping Costs are Non-Refundable

Live Arrival Guaranteed!

Pullets Must be ordered in their own Order!

We are Now taking 2024 Chick orders!

We are not shipping to Alaska or Hawaii until further notice!

How to order Online

Add the desired Breeds, Sex, and Quantities to your cart.  

If you order multiple breeds, make sure they all have the same desired Hatch Week to ensure your order can be processed correctly.

Please be advised that there may be occasions when we are not able to fulfill your order on the requested week.  While we do our best to facilitate your request, there are uncontrollable variables that may cause it to become unavailable and you will be notified if this happens.  We appreciate your understanding.

Due to our new paperless inventory system, once an order is placed you will not be able to make any partial cancels, however you will be able to add on. Because of system limitations there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made on this rule.

Please be sure of what you want to order before ordering it.

When you have built your entire order click on the cart to “checkout”

Please enter all required information on the Checkout Page.


Please Indicate a Desired Ship Week.

Our Corporate office is Located in Owosso, MI.  

All poultry are shipped USPS Priority Mail!

We have a 24-hour Guarantee on all live poultry orders from the time your order is picked up from the Post Office!

Started Pullets Minimum Order
Minimum 1 Pullet
Started Pullets must be ordered in their own order and shipped separately from all other Poultry.

Pickups: We run Strict Bio-Security Measures and do not allow Local Pick Ups, but we would gladly ship your birds directly to your local post office.  

Our Corporate office is Located in Owosso, MI.  

All poultry are guaranteed to be delivered alive, in good condition and of the highest quality.

Safe & Timely Live Arrival Guarantee

We know that you take great care in selecting the breeds for your flock when placing your order with us, so we do everything possible to ensure you receive a safe and timely delivery of healthy, happy chicks.

We offer a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee on all poultry from The Chick Hatchery.  We guarantee that your shipment will arrive safe and in a timely manner insuring you will receive a full count of live, healthy poultry that you ordered and paid for.  Poultry is sent via priority Live Shipping through the USPS on the day of hatch and is received in 1-3 days.  We put a lot of care in making sure that your order is filled correctly and that it is prepared for shipment according to the weather.  Poultry Breeds and sexes will be mixed to ensure that your chicks arrive to you in optimum condition.  Generally, we try to add extra chicks of the same breed/sex ordered when available to help fulfill this guarantee so be sure to count your live chicks when they arrive.  We do not guarantee that every order will receive extra chicks.

You must pick up your chicks at the post office upon arrival. Our Guarantee is void for any live parcels not picked up within eight hours of arriving at your local Post Office or if you request delivery from the USPS to your physical shipping address.

We recommend you open your shipping box as soon as you receive it and inspect your poultry.  If there is a loss during transit, we must be notified within twelve hours from the time the shipment was received by submitting a loss claim through our Loss Reporting Form.  If you receive fewer live chicks than you paid for, we will issue a refund of the chick purchase price which is missing or was dead on arrival. In the rare case a total loss occurs, a one-time reshipment can be made for no additional fee. Re-shipments are subject to availability and minimum shipping requirements.  It is important to note for partial losses, the price of poultry lost will be refunded – we are unable to make partial reshipments. For all orders, our Guarantee only covers the cost of poultry. Vaccinations and shipping costs are considered services and are not refundable.

We are unable to refund or replace poultry once they arrive safely and in a timely manner. Our replacement or refund policy is only for unsafe or unusually long shipping risks that the USPS causes and must be reported immediately.  Buying live poultry has potential risks of successfully raising them and the buyer understands these risks.  Sometimes things go wrong with no real reason that can be determined even when care instructions are followed.

All Chicks from The Chick Hatchery LLC are hatched from NPIP Certified Flocks and carry minimum classifications of Avian Influenza Clean as well as Pullorum Typhoid Clean to improve the industry. You can always depend on high-quality, healthy chicks from The Chick Hatchery!

Quality Guarantee

Our hatchery guarantees you will receive the correct breed of poultry you ordered and paid for.  All poultry offered by The Chick Hatchery is guaranteed to be the breed standard, variety, grade, and quality as represented.  We do not guarantee any poultry to be of show quality although you may receive poultry that could possibly be shown.  We follow approved methods of flock control and egg selection and have established sanitary and disease control standards in our operation.  Our breeder flocks are large; therefore, it is not likely to receive related poultry.  We cannot guarantee poultry to be free from any disease that could not be discovered when hatched.  Marek’s vaccinations are available for purchase as a precautionary measure, and we will not be held responsible if your chicks test positive after a safe and timely delivery.

All Chicks from The Chick Hatchery LLC are hatched from NPIP Certified Flocks and carry minimum classifications of Avian Influenza Clean as well as Pullorum Typhoid Clean to improve the industry. You can always depend on high-quality, healthy chicks from The Chick Hatchery!

Sexing Guarantee

We offer a 90% Pullet (Female) Sexing Guarantee for poultry ordered from The Chick Hatchery.  For errors resulting greater than guaranteed, we will refund the difference between the female and male price.  Sexing errors can be reported when birds reach 10 weeks of age and no later than 12 weeks after the hatch date.  Photos are required as proof when reporting a sexing error.  Straight Run chicks mean chicks were not sexed and there is no sexing guarantee on percentages of males or females for Straight Run orders.  We do not offer sexing on all the breeds we sell, for these breeds it is either too hard on them or because the professional sexers’ accuracy is not good enough and would cause customer dissatisfaction.  At no time will The Chick Hatchery credit an amount exceeding the original purchase price.

Started Pullet Guarantee

Started Pullets are shipped USPS Priority Live Mail the day they are shipped.  We do not guarantee overnight delivery but do guarantee live arrival within 2-3 days.  We guarantee that you will receive a full count of live, healthy started pullets.  We package our pullets so that they arrive alive, happy, and healthy.  However, if a loss should occur during shipping and you receive fewer live pullets than you ordered and paid for, we will issue a refund for the cost of the bird ($30.00).  We cannot reship, a new bird.  We do not refund the cost of shipping and handling as these are considered services, not products.  If a loss occurs, it must be reported to The Chick Hatchery within 12 hours of arrival.  We require photo documentation as proof of any started pullet that does not arrive alive.  At no time will The Chick Hatchery credit amount exceed the purchase price of the bird.

Started Pullets are shipped by USPS Priority Live Mail.  When they arrive to you, your birds will be 15 – 20 weeks old.  We add a fruit treat to the box to keep them happy and well-nourished until they arrive at their destination!  Our shipping boxes are designed to help keep the birds safe while they are on their way to you.

How far in advance should I book my order?
As soon as you know when and how many birds you want to order you should book your order.

*We fill orders on a first come, first served basis.  It is important to place your pre-paid order as soon as possible to get the best chance at earlier ship dates.  Some breeds, especially rare breeds, sell out faster than others.

*You can pick the date you would like your poultry shipped to you or note ASAP.  It is common practice to order 2-6 weeks prior to the date you want for delivery.  When we receive your order, we look for the earliest possible date for all your breeds requested and are available together.

*We then secure that date and take those birds off the market for sale and send you a confirmation of your ship date.

Shipping Costs

1 Pullet $170.00
2 Pullets $215.00
3 Pullets $265.00
4 Pullets $325.00
5 Pullets $375.00
6 Pullets $425.00
7 Pullets $475.00
8 Pullets $525.00
9 Pullets $575.00
10 Pullets $625.00
11 Pullets $675.00
12 Pullets $750.00

Will I receive Tracking Information?

*Tracking Information will be sent if you request it.  Tracking Information is sent the evening your chicks ship out or the morning after the chicks leave the Hatchery.  We do not Guarantee you will receive Tracking the same day your order ships out.

The USPS Tracking information could show inaccurate or dated information. It is a bit tricky when shipping live poultry.

  • The USPS sometimes reuses tracking numbers.  If you see tracking information that has dated or completely incorrect information, this may be why.  The correct information will appear when the package is scanned at the originating postal facility.  Please recheck your Tracking ID later.
  • The Tracking ID system that the USPS uses is NOT a complete, real-time report of the package’s location, and the system is still in its infancy.  Please do not panic if the Tracking ID information shows that the package has not moved, doesn’t appear to be making progress, or the tracking shows a 3 – 5-day transit time Rest assured, most packages arrive in 1-2 days, some may take 3 days depending on your location.

Tracking Information is provided by the USPS.  We do what we can, but ultimately, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the tracking information.

How long will it take for my birds to arrive at the post office after they have been shipped?

*After you have received your “Birds Have Shipped” email, this means that your birds have been shipped.  It should take 1-2 business days to get to your Post Office after they have left our facility.  Most orders arrive in 1 day, but some orders may take 3 days, but this is usually to Rural areas.

Will the Post Office deliver the birds to my home?

*Birds are shipped to your local Post Office.  You will have to work something out with your Post Office if you want them to be delivered to your home.   We put your phone number on the shipping box, and we instruct the post office to call you to come and pick them up at the post office.  If you request the USPS to deliver to your home, our Live Arrival Guarantee is null and void.  Make sure you are available for the anticipated day and days around the arrival date.

What if I cannot request the ship date that I want?

*This may occur because we have sold out of a particular sex/breed for that day.

Internet orders are processed in the order received.  When ordering through the website you will receive an immediate e-mail response notifying you that your order has been received.  The email will tell you that your order is on hold until we have finished processing it.   You will receive a second e-mail in 1-3 business days that includes your confirmed ship date or estimated date of arrival.  If the e-mail address you listed on your order is correct and you have not heard from us in 7 days, check that your Spam/Junk folder has not blocked our e-mail.

We are hatching around 15,000 birds weekly and securing your order and Hatch/Ship Date is done as quickly as humanly possible.

Expect your order to arrive at your Post Office in 1 to 3 days from the ship date.  Be aware that 98% of orders arrive within 1-2 day.  2% of Orders may take 3 days to get to you.  We do our best to meet the scheduled shipment date.

If a loss occurs during shipment or shortly thereafter, our policy requires that we are notified within 24 hours of arrival. Please submit our Hatchery Loss Reporting Form.  We will offer a refund for properly cared for poultry that deceased within 24 hours of the time of arrival to your post office.  While we appreciate notification of losses as they happen, we ask that you report your total losses one time, at the end of the 24-hour period.

Please provide a Total Count of all birds received, a Live Count and a Loss Count.  Pictures of dead chicks are REQUIREDPlease fill out our Loss Reporting Form.

Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds ONLY and will NOT include cost of Vaccination Services or Shipping Charges as these are considered Services, not products.

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