White Guinea Keets


White Guinea Keets are solid white and are a mutation of Pearl Guineas. Their skin is white, and the color of their meat is similar to chicken white meat.  These birds are one of the most overlooked allies you can have in your garden, orchard or pasture for their helpfulness in reducing the insect population, including ticks.  Lively and alert, Guinea Keets will let you know when something is amiss in their territory, and they will make a lot of racket.  They are calm and gentle toward their owners when raised from keets and are known for their unique ornamental value.  After the keets have grown past two weeks old, they are one of the hardiest domestic fowl.

Available June – August

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Minimum 5 Keets

Quantity Straight Run
5+ $6.25
15+ $6.25
30+ $6.25

There is a small order fee ($25.00) charged for orders of only 3-14 poultry.


White Guinea Keets are solid white and are a mutation of Pearl Guineas. They and are used for meat production and exhibition. Their feathers are solid white with red facial features.   They have white skin and game-like, all white meat that is very tasty.  There are many benefits to keeping guineas.   Their screeching call makes them good “watch dogs” and they keep snakes away, consume grasshoppers, ticks (including those which carry Lyme Disease) and other insects.

    • Weights: Hens:  3lbs    Cocks:  5 lbs
    • Purpose and Type: Eggs; Meat Production
    • Color of Eggs: Dark and Spotted
    • Egg Production: Good, 60-100/year
    • Egg Size: Small
    • Temperament: Active
    • Broody: Setters
    • Country of Origin: Western Africa
    • APA: Yes, Recognized by the Standard of Perfection

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Straight Run

Desired Hatch Week

June 5, 2023, June 12, 2023, June 19, 2023, June 26, 2023, July 3, 2023, July 10, 2023, July 17, 2023, July 24, 2023, July 31, 2023, August 7, 2023, August 14, 2023, August 21, 2023, August 28, 2023


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