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Cornish Cross Boiler chickens are sometimes nicknamed Cornish Giants because of the rapid growth and weight gains.  This is the bird that changed American eating habits.  Before Cornish Cross Broilers were developed, a chicken dinner was a rare treat reserved for special occasions.  Before the Cornish Cross era chickens grew slowly while eating plenty of feed.  Their meat was tasty but sparse.  The Cornish Cross made broiler production efficient, and today it’s often the most inexpensive meat the grocery store sells.  Cornish Cross Broilers require special feeding and care but grow astonishingly fast.  These birds can be grown to a live weight of over 6 lbs. by 6 weeks of age!  Or, can be managed to a roaster weight of 8-12 lbs. of Live weights of 4-5 lbs. can be achieved on close to 2 lbs. of feed per pound of meat.   Cornish Cross Broilers are the best choice for a person who wants to quickly produce delicious meat.  Cornish Broilers have excellent conformation: plump, tender breast meat and good skin texture.


Quick Stats: 

  • Lowest cost of live weight produced.
  • Superior performance on lower cost feed rations.
  • Most feed efficient.
  • Excellent growth rate.
  • Best Broiler uniformity for processing.

A Cornish Game Hen is a Cornish Cross Broiler Female that is butchered at three weeks of age when it reaches a weight of 2.5-3 lbs.

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Minimum 25 per Sex

Minimum 25 Total Cornish

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Quick Stats: 

  • Lowest cost of live weight produced
  • Superior performance on lower cost feed rations
  • Most feed efficient
  • Excellent growth rate
  • Best broiler uniformity for processing

A Cornish Game Hen is a Cornish Cross Broiler female that is butchered at three weeks of age when it reaches a weight of 2.5-3 lbs.

Available All Year!

Orders ship USPS Priority Mail on day of hatch!

Minimum 25 per Sex


The CORNISH CROSS BROILER is a very unique and remarkable bird.  We like to think of it as the BBB – Big Breasted Broiler – it has very broad breasts, large thighs, beautiful white plumage, and yellow skin.  Its rapid growth is remarkable, along with great feed efficiency.  You can actually see it grow before your eyes.  There are special steps to follow when raising the Broilers.  In order to avoid bad legs and Heart problems, we recommend the following steps…

  • Restrict access to feed to 10 hours per day for the first 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Be sure the chicks have adequate feeder space so most of the chicks can eat at the same time.
  • Limit protein in the feed to 20-22%.
  • Limit light to natural day length or 12 hours (whichever is longer).
  • Keep chicks warm with good ventilation, but avoid drafts.
  • Keep air quality high by keeping ammonia low.
  • Do not use straw for litter – use pine shavings (Not Cedar) or ground corn cobs.

If you want the birds to be a consistent weight at butcher, purchase either all Females (hens) or all Males (roosters).  If you want them to mature at different sizes, purchase the Straight Run.  The Females also make excellent Cornish Game Hens if butchered at 2 to 2 ½ lbs. live weight.

Raise our CORNISH CROSS Broilers and you will be IMPRESSED at the results!

Cornish Ship separate from everything else!


**Cornish Must be Ordered in their own order**


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Female, Male, Straight Run

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December 12, 2022 (Only Straight Run Available), December 19, 2022 (Only Females & Straight Run Available), December 26, 2022 (Only Males & Straight Run Available)

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  1. Naomi Williams (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered meat birds from other hatcheries and have always lost a percentage of the flock due to them arriving weak or other reasons. However, with Chick Hatchery we received all birds who looked healthy and no losses yet (fingers crossed none)! Birds are going strong and I anticipate minimal loss. I am so pleased and if our loss remains low, my new hatchery to order. We try to do 4-batches a year (2 fall and 2 spring).

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