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Year after year, more people discover that eggs and meat they have raised themselves are tastier and healthier than most of the mass-produced products available in supermarkets. We here at The Chick Hatchery have been supplying family farmers, hobby flock owners and Feed Stores with chicks of the highest quality since 2012.

Chicks are hatched from NPIP Certified Flocks and carry minimum classifications of Avian Influenza Clean as well as Pullorum Typhoid Clean. Marek’s Vaccination is available for all Chicken Breeds for a small fee. We operate NO KILL Facilities! All Poultry are raised Humanely. Unsold Male chicks are shipped to large Amish Family Farms to be pasture raised specifically for meat production

We belong to a very unique network of Breeders and Hatcheries to supply you with a large variety of Superior Quality Poultry. All poultry are guaranteed to be delivered alive and in good condition on every order. You will receive poultry of the highest quality shipped direct to your local Post Office. We have Shipping Points in Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas to better serve our customers.

Hobby and small-scale family farms are, and must continue to be, a vital part of our community. We believe that keeping small farms profitable is essential to the health and stability of the community.

As always, we remind you to order early! We look forward to serving you this year and for many years to come.

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We guarantee your birds up to 24 hours after arrival in your care with a refund or reshipment.

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We offer a wide variety of Egg Layers, Rare and Fancy breeds, Bantams, Guineas, Started Pullets, Turkeys, Waterfowl and more.

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