15 - 20 Week Old Started Pullets

We now offer 15 – 20 week old Started Pullets.

Buying our 15 – 20 week old started pullets is one of the quickest ways to get a flock that will be laying soon.

It’s also an excellent way to start raising chickens, particularly if this is your first flock, because the more challenging work of raising young chicks has already been done for you.

These pullets have been vaccinated for Marek’s Disease and are fed non GMO starter/grower crumbles.  We suggest you continue with this feed until they begin to lay at 18-24 weeks.

These Pullets are shipped out on Tuesday Mornings.

Started Pullets are Shipped USPS Priority Mail, we do not guarantee overnight delivery, but do guarantee live arrival.

if there is a loss, we will replace the pullet but will not issue refunds for shipping!


Shipping Costs are Non Refundable

1 Pullet $170.00
2 Pullets $215.00
3 Pullets $265.00
4 Pullets $325.00
5 Pullets $375.00
6 Pullets $425.00
7 Pullets $475.00
8 Pullets $525.00
9 Pullets $575.00
10 Pullets $625.00
11 Pullets $675.00
12 Pullets $750.00

Minimum Order is 1 Started Pullet

NO Local Pick Ups. 

 All Pullets are shipped directly to the customer.