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 Contact Us if you have question before placing an order.

We are taking 2018 Chick orders for delivery by USPS Priority Mail.

We have many breeds available to ship 1-2 weeks out.

Orders for Spring 2018 are booking up fast so Please try to place your Order 3-4 weeks in advance!

Let us know Breed, Sex, Quantity, & Desired Ship Dates!

Orders may also be sent to:

Our home office is Located in: Lansing, MI


Tours of the Hatchery or Breeding Stock are NOT Allowed!

We are sorry but due to Biosecurity Measures set forth by the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP)  and the Animal Plant & Health Inspection Service (APHIS), we are unable to allow general public and non-employees on our farms or in our hatcheries

 The exact location of the Breeder Farms Or Hatcheries are NOT disclosed for Biosecurity reasons!