Macy Brush

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THE BEST chick experience we have had so far! We ordered 15 Cinnamon Queens hens and received 17 all alive and thriving! We are on day 6 since receiving the chicks and still no losses. We have ordered from Cackle and Meyer both before and were so much more pleased with The Chick Hatchery. We will be returning to you guys for future purchases. Highly, highly recommend.

PJ Bowers

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Very good hatchery and customer service!!! Ordered 30 chicks lost almost half due to the mail service took a extra day to deliver my chicks and we had a extreme cold front hit didn’t help.its a long journey from Oregon to Mississippi but clearly wasn’t the hatchery’s fault nor mine. I got in touch with Matt and followed their instructions and within a week i had 30 more chicks in the mail all happy and healthy. I highly recommend The Chick Hatchery!!

Ashley Johnson

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I ordered 15 silkies that arrived this past Friday. 5 of them were from the silkie assortment and they sent me a nice variety and an additional 2 chicks in my order. The chicks are doing great and seem to be very healthy; especially compared to ones I’ve gotten from the feed store this past season. I will definitely be ordering from The Chick Hatchery again in the future!

Amy Carter

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Let me first say that for year I have been hatching my own birds. This past winter, after some tricky hatched, I decided to try ordering from The Chick Hatchery. I live in a cold climate and it’s only February…that could’ve gone either way. Now the amazing end of the story…I received the healthiest, most beautiful birds…every single chick was well and vivacious. The heating pack lasted, the box was sturdy, and every fluffy ball of love is perfect. What an amazing experience. I’m so very thankful. I will continue to buy from The Chick Hatchery with confidence. Thank you!!!

Andrea Snelgrove

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I don’t normally do reviews but I’m overjoyed, I received my ISA Brown girls and Americana girls this morning and they are all spunky and very happy!! Thank you for such happy chicks!! I’m also very thankful for amazing customer relations they were extremely nice and helpful!!

Casey Kay

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I called The Chick Hatchery to see what breeds would be available and when.  I needed to find chicks that would arrive fairly quickly, because I was planning to sneak them under a broody hen while she was still broody!  I ordered 15 chicks, of mixed and matched breeds.  They arrived happy and active, and are now snuggled up under momma hen.  So cute!  Thank you!  Customer service was responsive, informative, and pleasant.  I am glad I chose The Chick Hatchery!

Teresa Tafoya

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This is my first year raising chickens.  Matt took the time to explain different breeds to me and how to care for them.  I am so happy with my flock!  Thank you Matt for helping us get the birds that were right for our family!  #flockgoals 

Jessica Wynn

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Just received my chicks Thursday and I am in love!  All are healthy and happy!  Plus Matt was very nice and helpful with any questions and with order information.  Will definitely order from them again next round of chicks (maybe even ducks next)

Brittany Winslett

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This is my second order and I was very pleased with the first order.  They were on time and all healthy!  Prices are very reasonable as well as many breeds to choose from!!  Very easy to work with.  I highly recommend buying from The Chick Hatchery!

Shane Cooper

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Excellent service and prices, very helpful.  I would recommend the chicken hatchery to everyone.  Matt went out of his way to help teach us about raising our first batch of chickens.

Jordan Lindsay

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Jordan from Stone E River Ranch here- The chick hatchery treated us very fairly and honestly.  He stayed in consistent contact with us throughout the process.  He is a very nice guy, and a good business owner.

Arthur Chad Covington