Minimum Order

Minimum Order Requirements

In order for safe handling and delivery of your birds, The Chick Hatchery has minimum order requirements.

These minimums help the birds stay warm and prevent them from shifting around throughout the shipping process.


Please note that each type of fowl ordered has their own minimums!  and different types of fowl CANNOT be combined to meet those minimums.

However, you CAN combine different breeds within each type of fowl to meet the minimum requirements.

Here is an example

You can order 10 Rhode Island Red Chickens and 5 Cornish Cross Broiler Chickens to meet the minimum of 15 chickens.

However, you cannot order 10 Rhode Island Red Chickens and 5 Pekin Ducks to meet the minimum because you are now shipping two different types of Fowl.

The minimum order quantities are as follows

Chickens 15/25
Ducks 15/20
White & Bronze Turkeys 15
Bourbon Red Turkeys 15
Pheasants 30
Bantams 20
Geese 8
Guineas 15



*Black Rangers, GMO-Free Red Rangers, Kosher Kings, White Silkie Broilers & Novogen Browns Ship Separate*

*  Chicks ship on Mondays*

*White Silkie Bantam Broilers can NOT be included with any other order.  They ship separate from everything else!*

* White Silkie Bantam Broiler Chicks ship on Mondays*

MINIMUM 15 to Ship!   

(Shipping based on Delivery Zone & Quantity Ordered)